How many hashtags should you use per post on LinkedIn?

A good question.

Recommendations vary some. There are even questions as to whether using hashtags is effective at all.

The short answer.

LinkedIn experts recommend using (about) 3 hashtags per post.

LinkedIn recommends using no more than 3 hashtags per post.

This is a screenshot from LinkedIn’s guide for hashtag best practices.

Here’s what 3 hashtags look like in action (at the bottom of a post).

There is one thing everybody seems to agree on.

❌ Don’t use too many hashtags. Your posts will look like spam, the post reach may suffer, and people will scroll past.

So, if you want to stop reading now and use 3 hashtags per post you are traveling on a safe territory.

There’s more to the hashtag puzzle.

The Longer Answer.

A few things to consider.


If you are not sure what hashtags or how many you should use on your posts, don’t worry. Don’t let that stop you from publishing posts.

Hashtags are just one piece, and perhaps a small one, of the puzzle.

What you post and how frequently you post are more important than whether you add a hashtag on your post or not.


You don’t have to post 3 hashtags. You could post 1, 2 or 4.


Let’s say your field is data privacy.

Your hashtag


That is specific to your field. It’s quick to add.

You could also use


if that relates to you

No need to make it complicated. For the same reason I mentioned above.

Using hashtags is a small piece of the puzzle on LinkedIn.


Don’t sprinkle hashtags throughout the text.

It makes it incredibly difficult to read.

The best place for the hashtags is at the bottom of the post.


Don’t use too many hashtags.

Although using many hashtags is recommended for other platforms e.g. Instagram, on LinkedIn, hashtag walls looks spammy.

❌ Say No to hashtag walls, like this one