How often should I post on LinkedIn in 2021? 3 times, or 5, or more per week?

Should I post on LinkedIn daily?

Wait! Can you post too much on LinkedIn?

What about articles? or video? Do they count?


There is a lot of information out there, how do I know what is the right answer?

A great question!

The right answer is – it depends.

And it’s probably not the answer you were hoping to hear. So let’s figure out what the ideal frequency could be for you.


How often you should post on LinkedIn depends on how frequently and sustainably you can produce quality content and what your objective is. One size does NOT fit all.

This guide covers how often you should post on LinkedIn – from a BUSINESS perspective.

If you want to post just for fun, just do you! ✋

One more thing.

Before we go any further ✋ I want to acknowledge that I know there is a plethora of research and many recommendations that state ___ to be THE ideal number of posts per week on LinkedIn.

The problem is that the data is flawed and the recommendations are just, well, recommendations.

One size does not fit all.

❌ Do not blindly follow what others are doing – even if it’s working for them. You are not them!

But, because we are curious let’s quickly spy take a look at some of the recommendations.

LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn recommends posting every business day. That is about 20 posts a month.

Keep in mind, LinkedIn wants you to stay on their platform as much as possible, whether you are posting or not. This is no different from any other platform – each is fighting over you so that you’d spend as much time as possible on their platform.

But, does LinkedIn really know what the optimal frequency is for you?

Buffer Findings

Buffer agrees with LinkedIn that 20 posts a month or once a day (a workday) is the sweet spot. If you post once a workday, it is supposed to help you reach 60% of your followers.

If you don’t have many followers on LinkedIn though, then what?

Ah! There are tactics we can use to attract more followers – if that is important to you (more on that on another post).

Constant Contact Recommendations

Constant Contact suggests trying to publish 3-5 posts a week.

They, along with many others acknowledge that engagement drops if you post more frequently than 1x a day.

I concur, based on my research and own experiments.

Engagement Plummets ?

Posting more than 1x a day wrecks havoc on engagement on LinkedIn

(except for Gary Vee)

There are hundreds and hundreds of articles, some even as far back as 2014 – yikes, that’s like what, 100 years ago ? – that claim to know THE magic formula for posting frequency on LinkedIn.


There is NO magic formula.

To figure out what your, and yours only, cadence should be we need to look past the numbers.

How to Determine Your Posting Frequency?

1 Know your objective

The first question.

Do you know why you want to post on LinkedIn?


Even before this question, you need to make sure that LinkedIn is the right place for you to post for business purposes. Maybe it’s not. Maybe leveraging some other platform would be more effective.

[If you don’t know the answer, we can help.]

If LinkedIn is the right place for you to leverage social media, then answer the above question.

Other ways to frame the question.

What is your goal?

What do you want to achieve?

[If you have difficulty figuring out your objective, we can help.]

If you know your objective, you are on the starting blocks.

SIDENOTE: Some Sad News

Now, if you have been on LinkedIn for any length of time, you’ve probably seen your share of “feel good” videos and posts, and other poor quality + spammy content.

It’s true. It’s there.

Unfortunately, the LinkedIn algorithm favors some subpar stuff.

It’s not good.

Regardless of LinkedIn algo’s loosie-goosie filtering, don’t fall for these gimmicky, spammy tactics. Although these types of posts can garner a large number of likes and agrees (ha), it’s highly debatable if any of the people that post this type of content actually generate any results, like revenue, etc.

Focus on providing value = create high-quality content

? High-quality content doesn’t mean boring, ho-hum, business-like content hyping your brand or company (yawn). Your top-notch content could be videos a la Tim Oliver (he is hilarious).

High-quality is subjective and based on your goals and audience.

2 Quality vs Quantity

Next question.

Can you post quality content?

That is, valuable, insightful, helpful, useful, educational, entertaining, thoughtful, inspirational – whatever the kind of content is that offers value to YOUR target audience = your people.

If the answer is:

I don’t know, or no > there are a few things you can do to work through this (we can help).

If the answer is yes, answer this next question.

How often can you post quality content?

This ☝ right here, is a good start, to estimate how often you perhaps should post on LinkedIn each week.

Quality is more important than quantity.

All. Day. Long.

3 Posting consistency

Consistency trumps frequency.

The next question.

How many times per week can you sustainably post on LinkedIn?
Provided Thing 1 + 2 ☝ are

The keyword here is sustainably.

In other words.

What is your capacity?

You will need to estimate the time it takes you to create the content as well.

I have more often than I want to admit, attempted to post every single day, or as often as possible, only to burn out, run out of steam, time, energy – you name it.

Not sustainable.

Create a plan, a  s u s t a i n a b l e plan, and stick to it for a predetermined period before evaluating your progress (we can help).

Don’t worry about what time is the ideal time to post. Post when it is easy and convenient for you.

Allocate time, a few minutes, x times per week to get the posts up on LinkedIn, whether it’s once a week or more.

Make it easy on yourself.

And don’t worry about whether it’s a workday or not.

Many business folks are getting great results posting on weekends.

Once you have been CONSISTENTLY posting QUALITY posts for a specific time period e.g. for 30 days, look at data. And adjust accordingly (we can help).

Should you use a scheduling tool to publish your posts automatically?

You could, but I would post manually for a few reasons including outreach tactics and engagement.

All that said,

Let’s look at a couple possible scenarios.


EXAMPLE 1 – Sarah

✅ Do you know your objective? YES
✅ Do you know what to post? YES
✅ Can you post quality content? YES

How often can you post quality content?

7 x a week

How often can you sustainably post each week?

5 x a week

ANSWER to how often Sarah should post on LinkedIn per week =

5 x a week

Start posting and post for e.g. the next 30 days i.e. for a set time period, then evaluate and adjust based on data.

Sarah’s posting frequency = 5 x a week

EXAMPLE 2 – John

✅ Do you know your objective? YES
✅ Do you know what to post? YES
✅ Can you post quality content? YES

How often can you post quality content?

4 x a week

How often can you sustainably post a week?

2 x a week

ANSWER to how often John should post on LinkedIn per week =

2 x a week

Start posting and post for e.g. the next 30 days i.e. for a set time period, then evaluate and adjust based on data.

John’s posting frequency = 2 x a week

EXAMPLE 3 – Startup

✅ Do you know your objective? YES
❌ Do you know what to post? NO

✋ Stop right here and figure out what to post based on your objective (we can help).

Once your answer is YES, then:

✅ Can you post quality content? YES

How often can you post quality content?

3 x a week

How often can you sustainably post a week?

3 x a week

ANSWER to how often Startup should post on LinkedIn per week

3 x a week

Start posting and post for e.g. the next 30 days i.e. for a set time period, then evaluate and adjust based on data.

Startup’s posting frequency = 3 x a week


Work out your posting frequency in a similar fashion.

If you get stuck or want us to help you figure this whole thing out, reach out.


Whatever frequency you come up with isn’t set in stone! That is, this frequency you are figuring out right now is a starting point.

Go for two weeks or a month and evaluate. Adjust as needed and go for another 14 days or a month and repeat. This is also what we are here for – to help you stay consistent and constantly honing in on your ideal strategy.

After you have dialed in your starting posting frequency, figure out what types of posts you will be posting on each of your slots. Repeating patterns make your life easier (typically) and that means creating a content calendar. I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but yes, this is also what we help you with. (I’ll stop now)

THREE more things.

ONE: Out of Sight – Out of Mind

Can you post too infrequently?

Well, yes.

If your goal is to leverage LinkedIn but you only post once in a long while, don’t expect results.

If you are not able to commit to a consistent posting schedule e.g. once a week, or perhaps at minimum 2 x a month, there’s really no need to post anything at all. There may be other things you can do to organically reach your people.

TWO: About Content

Just briefly.

What you post is as specific to you as the posting cadence.

Your content can be visual: images or videos or both.
Your content can be text posts or articles.
You can even create carousels or polls.
You can post a combination of things.

It can be tempting to create elaborate posts, only to realize that making the posts takes a lot of time, which turns you into the bottleneck with cracking in the consistency department. I’ve been there too.

? Start posting what is easy for you to create so that it’s easy for you to stay consistent while providing high-quality posts.

Evaluate. Adjust. Move on. Repeat.

There are a few ways to speed up this process of creating content – we’ll talk about that at another time (and yet another thing we can help you with).

THREE: About Gary Vee et. al.

Do not compare yourself to Gary.

Gary has a dedicated team that produces amazing, high-quality content, and they can do it 24/7, without blinking.

You can’t. I can’t. We don’t need to.

Also, Gary, other celebrities and those with a huge number of followers can get away with posting several times a day. The LinkedIn algo ? them.

If you have any questions or would like us to help you sort through this so that you can leverage LinkedIn to get the results you want ? contact us.

To your success ?