LinkedIn quietly and without much fanfare started rolling out a new character limit for LinkedIn posts in June 2021.

The previous character limit for posts on your personal feed was 1300 characters.

The new limit is 3000 characters.

If you are reading this in July, you may still find that you have the old 1300 character limit on your posts. I do too.

I tested my posts character limit on July 9th, and it was 1300. Well, 1275 to be exact (- 4, the letters in Alie exceed the limit).

The exact character count can vary slightly depending on if you use emojis (counted as 2 characters), etc.

Here is a screenshot of the post draft I tested my character limit with + the stats.

Now, don’t worry.

You don’t ever have to write the max 3000 characters.

You don’t even have to write 1300 characters.

The length of your post should match the idea or topic of the post.

Adding extra “fluff” or words is not necessary, just to fill out the space.

A good general rule for posts is this:

1 idea per post

It could mean writing a few words, a single sentence, or a few.

And on the other hand, if you have been writing posts on LinkedIn for a while and often run into the 1300 character limit, this news is good news.

Although it is a good idea to edit your posts, being forced to fit your post into the 1300 characters sometimes is not possible, without the post turning into a disjointed pile of ?.

Now, let’s speculate. ?‍♀️ (it’s fun)

Why would LinkedIn decide to increase the character limit?

1 Testing, testing

Maybe they are doing it to test what happens. Will people write longer posts? Will people read longer posts?

2 User Feedback

Maybe they have received feedback from users, either via surveys or complaints.

“We want to be able to write longer posts.”


3 Must Get People to Stay Longer on LinkedIn ?

 (☝ spoken in a robotic voice)

Every platform: YouTube, Instagram, and yes, LinkedIn too, want the users to stay on the platform as long as possible.

The longer a user the stays on the platform, the more ads they can be shown = more ad revenue (hopefully from LinkedIn’s perspective).

4 Others are doing it

Let’s do what others are doing! ?

Twitter character limit increased from 140 to 280 characters.

TikTok is pushing out up to 3 minute videos.

It’s not exactly the same, but maybe there is something to it. ?‍♀️

5 Articles be gone

What if LinkedIn is considering removing articles and therefore increasing the length of the posts.

Articles are not doing well on LinkedIn and perhaps the number of people that actually use the article feature has dropped down so much that it may be better to put the whole article section into retirement.

This is an interesting thought.

However, newsletters are popular, and those are written in the article section.

What do you think could be the reason/s? 

At the end of the day, perhaps we should not be focused on how many characters we can fit into a specific space, but rather how we use those characters.