The Blueprint for Social Media Success

Plug in the right pieces you need to leverage social media.

This is the process we use.


Choose one: Standard, Premium, or Business setup.

Includes profile optimization, creation of your social media plan: what, where, when + an outreach plan.


Choose one: Standard or Premium monthly subscription.

Includes support, accountability, feedback, review.

For the best-fit plan for you, we hop on a call.

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Setup and follow up options and pricing.

Setup Options + Pricing

Setup is the initial event (one time fee) where we optimize your profile and put together the plan. Each setup is for one channel only, e.g. for LinkedIn, YouTube, or Instagram, based on the optimal channel you should start posting content on to get in front of the right audience.

If you are not sure what your objective is, who your audience is, or about your messaging, choose either Premium or Business Setup (both come with strategy).

Additional channel optimizations available as add-ons.

Monthly Subscription

The setup is followed by a monthly subscription plan. The monthly subscriptions start at $295 and depend on the platform and the selected options.

The minimum suggested commitment is 6 months, because it takes time to start getting results. However you can cancel anytime.

For the best-fit plan for you, we hop on a call.

To determine the best plan for your needs click the button to schedule a call with Alie.